Saturday, February 03, 2007


I've been down with a cold, but while I was miserable, this arrived to cheer me up:

A lovely bunch of yarn from another member of the CIC-Knit group! Plenty to make lots of warm socks. Thank you, Elizabeth! Right away, I cast on with that blue skein that is second from the right, even tho' I'm not done with the pair that makes my hands hurt. I figure I can do a couple of rounds on the painful pair, then switch to the plain classic stockinette stitch I'm doing this new pair in. Ahhh, relief.

I've also been working on a vest for myself, and I'm very pleased with how fast it is going. I've started the armhole decreases on the back, so I'm nearly half done.

It's been years since I've made anything larger than a pair of socks for myself. I'm not counting my Olympic tank top, since I haven't crossed the finish line with that yet. But this vest just seems to be flying off the needles. Doesn't hurt that I love the yarn. It is deliciously soft, and I periodically stop knitting just to admire its dark red heatheriness and pet it a little. OK, the skeins could have fewer knots, but the price was low enough that I'm willing to weave in a few more ends.

Speaking of the Olympic tank, I've been thinking I should dig that out and finish it up. I really don't have much to do on it, and I've been in something of a finishing mood lately. Partly because the spare bedroom where such things get relegated is starting to drive me nuts. I really need to clean it out, and one way to help tidy up is to finish the half-finished projects. That, and list on eBay the stuff that has been waiting for longer than I care to think about. OK, I'm starting to feel overwhelmed just thinking about it. I think I'll go knit some more instead.


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