Friday, December 01, 2006

Snow Day

Yesterday was rain, then sleet, then snow. Big change from the day before, with a high of 71. Our oak tree is incased in ice:

The branches don't normally reach all the way to the ground like that; the ice is weighing them down. I hope nothing breaks.

Kaylee did a great job of getting me home last night, even though sleet had been coming down for hours and it was like driving on ice ball bearings. I expected to be the person in the office taking the calls from the folks who couldn't make it in.

Unfortunately, Kaylee is also incased in ice. I couldn't get the doors open; they were sealed with ice. When I called my boss to tell him I would be late, he told me not to bother coming in; hardly anyone was in the office. Not being one to argue with my boss, I graciously acquiesced. So, today is a snow day, perfect for hanging around the house and knitting. Unfortunately, the b/f has ideas for thawing Kaylee out and "having fun" in the snow. G-d help me.

Sarahkate asked in the comments if Kaylee is named for the character from Firefly/Serenity. On the nose, Sarahkate! Kaylee was so cute, yet so capable, I thought it was the perfect persona for my little Jeep.

Well, I'm off to knit until the b/f drags me out into the snow. If you're the praying sort, say one for me. All types of prayers accepted.


At 4:19 AM, Anonymous Ruth said...

I love Firefly, so sad when I ran out of episodes to watch.

At 12:27 PM, Blogger Lucinda said...

We've had some broken branches in my neighborhood, but nothing too bad. I consider getting the ice & snow off my car to be my big accomplishment for the weekend, though. That & taking pretty ice pictures...

How nice of your boss! I ended up dialing into my office & a conference call & working from home on Friday.


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