Sunday, November 19, 2006

Blankie Milestone

That purple square the big arrow is pointing to is the last row of the Princess Blankie. That's Yitzhak inspecting my work; making sure it is suitable for Princess Daisy, I guess.

I also knocked out another pair of CIC socks, made with the tapestry wool given to me by Carla. I'm really into red toes right now.

I have been progressing slowly on my cuffed socks; just turned the heel. My new rule is I must complete at least two rows each day before I switch to another project (generally one with thicker wool & bigger needles). This is also my carry-around project, so I work on them when I have thumb-twiddling time at work (I love knitting when I'm on the clock). But I have a new temptation in the house:

I scored this yarn on eBay last week. It's so soft and skooshy, and I love the color: dark blue and black. I'm dying to cast on, but I'm really trying to hold out until I finish at least one pair of socks in progress. I have another pair of alpaca/wool socks I really should finish first, but I seriously doubt that I'll be that strong.


At 4:42 AM, Anonymous Ruth said...

The blanket is looking great. What are your plans for the new yarn?

At 6:33 PM, Anonymous Donna said...

Oh, great socks. I love the blanket and the kitty.


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