Sunday, October 01, 2006

Magic Number is 6

I've completed my second ballband washcloth, using size 6 needles this time. Much easier on the hands! Once the blocking is done, I'll put it to the test. It definitely feels looser than the first one; however, Ballband #1 is so tightly knit, it takes nearly 24 hours to dry out after use.

Here is Ballband #1 on top of #2; as you can see, there's not much difference in size. I'm feeling ridiculously anxious to test the new one, to make sure it's not too loose. But I'm still going to let it finish blocking so I can admire its beauty first. I'm beginning to think I need to get out more, I'm so excited over a washcloth.

I've also been working on the Princess Blankie. Here it is in its intended spot on the dresser:

I figure that's about two-thirds done, not counting the ends-weaving I still have to do. I did a bunch today, but boy-o-boy, I still have a lot of ends waiting for me.

After checking the Blankie's size, I spent some time choosing yarn for the next several squares:

This part is lots of fun, since Shelly sent me so many yarn bits to play with.

The number of projects are starting to creep up again. There's the Blankie, of course, and a pair of socks for CIC, and I haven't done anything on the two pairs of socks in progress for myself. I'm itching to start another washcloth, and there's some yarn that's just crying out to become a CIC vest. I may start carrying the socks for me in my project bag that I take to work. Tuesday I'll be working on a project that will likely include some thumb-twiddling time; with luck, I can knock out a bunch of rounds while I'm waiting. If I don't finish those socks soon, I'm afraid they'll become orphans.

Tonight, though, I'll be watching Stargate & working on the CIC socks--they make good television knitting!


At 10:09 AM, Anonymous Ruth said...

The blanket is starting to look great. What do you use the knitted cloths for?

At 5:10 PM, Anonymous Donna said...

Beautiful! I just ordered MDK from Amazon. The ball band cloth is going to be my first project.

At 8:39 PM, Blogger Carol Ann said...

I use the knitted cloths in the bath. I hesitate to use them in the kitchen since my b/f is a little too fond of bleach.

The latest cloth worked beautifully, btw; didn't stretch out too much when wet or anything. Size 6 it is (for me--your mileage may vary, of course).

At 2:58 PM, Blogger Yarnartist said...

Hi Carol,
This project is beautiful! Here's a tip you will like. You can weave in the ends as you go! Lift both the old and new yarn tail up and over the working yarn each st for the first 5 - 6 sts every time you change colors (I am assuming you are changing colors on the RS and the tails are on the WS. Then, when you feel like it, you just trim off what's left of the tails. They are already woven in!
See my blog for a phot of an (incomplete) kimono jacket I am making with Koigu sock yarn.


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