Sunday, August 13, 2006

Progress: Blankie, et al

Princess Daisy's blankie is progressing nicely. I've been a dyeing fool; dyed up all that white yarn that I had in my stash. Last week even bought another skein of undyed (washable) sock yarn and I've started dyeing it. I've also been stealing a square or two from skeins in my stash. Even so, I need more colors! I'm going to try dyeing up some more self-striping yarn. The repeat on the blue, white & purple skein is a little long for this project; see those two squares with the white tops? Yup, that's them. So, the next try will have a much shorter color repeat.

I missed the shipping date for CIC-Knit's Summer Sock Extravaganza. I got messed up on what day it was, and on the shipping deadline, this is what my socks looked like:

Laid out to dry in the spare bedroom. So, they'll just get counted in the next sock challenge. However, in spite of my muddled-headedness, the group more than DOUBLED the goal by sending in a grand total of 650 pairs of socks. Way to go!

I also finished up a vest for CIC, but when I tried my usual "is the neck big enough?" test of pulling it over my head, no way would it go. So, I am looking for something around the house that will be about the size of a child's head for a second test, while considering ways to fix the problem w/o ripping out. It's a v-neck, so the front neckline is stretchy, but the back neckline is quite firm. I'm thinking maybe I could just re-do the bindoff with a more elastic method. Cross your fingers for me!

I've also started another pair of socks for CIC; this time with wool generously donated by Carla of Victoria's House of Needleart. This yarn is so soft, and Carla has provided me with so many colors to work with; the possibilities are deliciously abundant. I'm thinking this pair would look cheery with red toes. Thank you, Carla!


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