Thursday, July 20, 2006

Stormy weather...

Such a storm we had last night. I was coming home from getting a haircut, and the wind was blowing something fierce. Apparently, it didn't like what lane I was in, because it kept trying to push me into another. Dust and all manner of trash were blowing across the highway, and highway signs were lying in the road. The rain started shortly before I got home, and the power stopped shortly thereafter. No A/C, no lights. We had telly for a while, because the entertainment center is connected to a UPS (we get a lot of power outages). But that didn't last very long. Ditto with the computers, so no Internet. Not enough light to read, but I was able to knit for a while. But then, I got to a point when I needed to start decreasing, and I needed to be able to see better for that, so no knitting. And the worst thing was, I couldn't look at this:

Yesterday I received this lovely pile from a fellow member of the CIC-Knit group. Bunches and bunches of soft tapestry wool, to be knit up into socks. I just had a few minutes with it this morning before I had to go to work; just a few minutes to enjoy the softness, appreciate the colors, and ponder the possibilities. Then I had to tear myself away and go earn a living.

BTW, the power came back on in the early a.m., and the food in the fridge looks OK. We were lucky; lots of people still w/o power, and today promises to be another scorcher. We are under a boil order, however, so I had to heap praise on the b/f because he stockpiled a small amount of drinking water some time back. So we were able to make coffee this morning, and the cream is still good. We got off easy.

After my last post, Diane asked if I dyed the handdyed yarn. Yes, and thank you for your kind words. I enjoy playing around with different colors; I think I have enough of the red variegated left to make a vest. After I finish the vest I'm working on now, I think a red one is next. I'm working on another pair of red socks, too (different yarn); I seem to be in a red mood lately, at least as far as CIC is concerned. It's so much fun choosing colors as my whim directs.

Today at work I'm mostly checking on the stores w/o power to see if they have power yet. One nice thing about power outages; it's hard to mess up your computer if you can't turn it on.


At 4:45 PM, Blogger Tracy said...

There seems to be a bug with the CIC yarn pic, it can't find the image.

At 4:56 PM, Blogger Ann said...

Yikes, Carol -- no post since Thursday? You ok?


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