Saturday, July 15, 2006

Blanket for a princess

The b/f's cat Daisy, aka Princess Daisy, likes to sleep on our dresser. We keep a towel there for her, but I have been thinking that a princess deserves a little better (and a knitted cat-ghan would look a little nicer, too). But what to make? Nothing really grabbed me.

Now, however, I am thinking about making Shelly's mitred square blankie. I just can't decide what yarn to use. I like the crazy quilt look of using lots of sock yarn scraps, and using washable wool would certainly be wise. But I think Daisy would like a little thicker blanket. All the vermin cats like the hemp/wool yarn that I use for potholders (they always seem to want to get in my lap when I'm working with it, and knead it with their paws). The stuff is certainly durable, and I have found that I can put it through the gentle cycle on cold. Not so many colors available, tho', although I could dye up some of the natural to expand the pallette.

What to do, what to do? The b/f just got a delivery from Amazon today, and we're planning a double feature tonight: The Wild Bunch and A Boy and His Dog (how's that for a combo?). Maybe I'll play around with some sock yarn to get a feel for how thick a blankie it makes, and see if Daisy seems to approve.


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