Monday, July 31, 2006

Dyeing to knit a blankie

Since Princess Daisy refused to express an opinion regarding the yarn for her mitered square blankie, I decided to use the sock yarn. I decided that the garter stitch squares are plenty thick, it's easier to work with than the hemp/wool, and it comes in more colors. However, while it may come in more colors, that doesn't mean I have more colors. In fact, the only washable sock yarn in my sock yarn bits box was the Kroy I used for the test swatch. I knew I had some orange Kroy somewhere (inexplicably, not in the bits box where it belonged - somewhat less than astonishing, I'm afraid). While searching for the orange Kroy, I found this:

A bit of uneven pink sock yarn that was a failed dye attempt. I was trying to dye up some washable wool yarn for a project I had in mind, but this yarn just wouldn't take the dye evenly. No good for the intended project, but it would be just fine for Daisy's blankie. And that reminded me that I had three more skeins of this white yarn that dyes up splotchy. Finally, a way to use it up!

I've been dyeing half a skein at a time, to get the most variety. The skein on the left was dyed as evenly as I could get it; the one in the middle I went for a kettle-dyed look. The skein on the right is my first attempt at self-striping yarn; I'm looking forward to seeing how it knits up.

I think I'll dye up some red/yellow variegated yarn next. After that, I have yarn enough for two more colors. Decisions, decisions...


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