Friday, September 01, 2006

Too Many WIPs

I usually have only a few items on the needles at a time: a pair of socks for me, a pair for CIC, and maybe one other item. But right now I'm somewhat out of control. I have, of course, the Princess Blankie:

Progress is somewhat slow right now because, a: I have so many yarns to choose from each time I start a new square, and b: cats keep jumping up on my lap and curling up on the blankie when I'm working on it. A good sign, IMO.

Next is a pair of socks for CIC:

This is made with the tapestry yarn kindly donated by Carla. I need to wind another skein in order to continue. Instead of doing so, however, I started this:

Another pair of CIC socks with more tapestry wool. On this pair, I'm using the yarn doubled.

Then I have my own neglected summer anklets:

I have been knitting them with metal size 1 dpns, and I really don't like metal needles, especially fiddly skinny metal needles. So this week I ordered myself some bamboo size 1s, in the hope that I will then finish them in time to wear them next summer.

I also have one-half of a pair of wool/alpaca socks that have been languishing since I started the summer anklets. Convinced that I will finish the anklets soon and return to this pair, I have had the finished sock, the second ball of yarn, and the dpns sitting on the couch all summer.

This is the sort of thing that causes my b/f to sigh and look heavenward for strength.

Last, but not least, is another CIC vest:

I got the ribbing done, then discovered I didn't have the right size circ for the rest. Got them when I ordered the bamboo size 1 dpns, so I'm itching to get back to work on this.

Since we are poised on the brink of a long weekend, I am really going to try to convert some of these WIPs to FOs. Speaking of FOs, I do have one to show off:

CIC socks, made with more of Carla's tapestry wool. I am totally in love with the red toes. I need me a pair of socks with red toes. Somebody, please keep me from casting on another project this weekend!


At 9:03 AM, Blogger Marguerite said...

Do Iever know that Too Many Projects on the Needles feeling! I'm trying to avoid it right now and stick to one CIC sweater until it's done. But it's hard.

I've knit three sleeves for that sweater so far and frogged two, so there's still one to go. I'd rather throw the thing in the corner and ignore it than knit one more sleeve.

Oops. Bad attitude showing. Better think about keeping poor kids warm and get knitting!

At 3:16 PM, Blogger hakucho said...

Your "Princess Blankie" is turning out very nicely! I love that patchwork look. I'm going to try my hand at socks, but I have too many things I need to finish know the rest of the story....


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