Saturday, August 19, 2006

That was stupid

So, I've been knitting away on my tapestry wool socks for CIC. Now, I could have sworn that I had three skeins of this shade of green when I started. I was certain sure that I chose to start with this shade because I had three skeins, and I wasn't sure how much I would need. For future reference, this is how far two skeins got me:

So, I started looking for the third skein. Checked where it was supposed to be, then where it wasn't supposed to be but could be, then places I couldn't imagine why it would be there; all no luck. Finally, I went back and looked at the original pic of the tapestry wool. Sure enough--smacking self on forehead--only two skeins of this color.

I can't bear the thought of unraveling these socks and starting over, so I'm going to try to find another skein of this shade. Pretty easy to find online, but shipping costs as much or more than the yarn, so I hope I can find it locally.

In the meantime, I've started another pair. This time, I am posting photographic proof that I have two skeins each of the two colors I'm using:

I plan to use the beige yarn for the cuffs, heels & toes, and the gold yarn for the rest. To bulk it out a little, I am combining each with a strand of very fine (laceweight?) coned yarn I have on hand.

The blankie has been languishing lately, but I currently have some yarn in the dyepot. I expect I'll do a little more knitting on it tomorrow. Lately I seem to be spending more time ruminating on what color I should use next, and what color(s) I should dye up, and admiring the patchwork-quiltiness of it, than actually knitting the blankie. Daisy doesn't seem to mind, tho'. She loves me no matter what.


At 9:46 PM, Anonymous Elizabeth D said...

Just in case you've overlooked the obvious -- did you check with Carla to see if she has any more of the green?? If she doesn't, why not post a request on the CIC list at Yahoo groups?

(billeliz at cavtel dot net

At 11:17 AM, Blogger Carol Ann said...

I thought about contacting Carla, but after she was so generous, I just couldn't bring myself to ask for more. Didn't occur to me to ask if anyone else in the group might have some (D'oh!). But, I have managed to score a third skein, and will be able to finish these socks up soon!


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