Tuesday, September 05, 2006

One down

Well, I managed to finish up one pair of socks over the weekend:

I would have done more, but I ended up going car shopping. Not that I desparately need a new car or anything, but I've been thinking it was time to replace Penny Mustang. I didn't buy one, but I did fall in love with this beauty:

It's a Pontiac Solstice, and if the dealership had actually had one in yellow, I doubt that anything would have stopped me from driving it home. The pictures don't do it justice, IMO; it is jaw-dropping gorgeous. I haven't driven one yet; the dealership pretty much wanted you to promise to buy it before you would be allowed to test drive it.

I did test the '07 Mustang and the '06 Jeep Wrangler (how's that for variety?). The Mustang handled very well; they've made some nice improvements over the '98 I currently have. The Jeep was a fun drive, too, and would certainly be handy for my job. But it was the Solstice that I dreamed about @ night. The Solstice I picture myself caressing washing and waxing. The Solstice that would, I'm absolutely sure, make me the coolest knit blogging network administrator on the planet (and that's a lot to overcome).


At 5:32 AM, Anonymous Ruth said...

Looks like a very cool car.


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