Sunday, November 12, 2006

Almost a hat

Well, I ran out of yarn for the hat after only 4 sections:

Since it's garter stitch, it stretches, but not enough. It fits nicely over a candle holder I keep on my coffee table:

But the candle holder is only about 15" around--about the size of a newborn's head. And I think this hat is a wee bit deep for a newborn, so I figure I'll just keep it and annoy the cats by trying to get them to wear it.

I do like the way the short rows make a swirly pattern on top:

I weighed the finished hat (2 oz), and calculated that meant about 250 yards of sock yarn; since I worked the hat with the yarn doubled, about 125 yards of worsted weight should get me the same amount of hat. Since I would like the hat to be 50% bigger, about 200 yards should be right.

Terrific! I just happen to have 2 skeins, 109 yards each, of some hand dyed Lite-Lopi that should make a fine hat. Just the ticket.

Here's the hat, waiting to be sewn up. One skein Lite-Lopi=six sections, just what I wanted, with half the yarn I thought. Go figure.


At 1:22 AM, Anonymous Ruth said...

It'd be fine for a newborn I think, but how disappointing that you ran out of yarn. The second hat looks great, I love the colours.


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