Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Not Quite

My goal for Socktoberfest was to finish this pair of socks. I'm beginning to think I might not make it. What do you think: I do have one FO to show off, however; the Flower Garden socks for CIC:
And I've started a couple more projects:
On the right is a hat that doesn't really have a destination yet; I saw this pattern, and a ball of leftover yarn began clamoring to be a hat. Only thing is, I'm beginning to think the yarn was just a wee bit over-ambitious, and maybe there really isn't enough for a hat. I didn't weigh or measure the yarn before starting, and now that I have two sections done, I keep squeezing the remaining yarn and trying to estimate if I have enough to finish. Which is somewhat difficult, since I don't know how much I started with, and the pattern doesn't say how much I need. So, now I'm wondering if I should do a couple of sections in another color, to make sure I have enough. Of course, if I did that and had gobs and gobs of yarn leftover, I'd feel pretty stupid. And I think the hat would look prettier made entirely of this yarn (which keeps telling me it doesn't need help, it can be a hat all on it's own--but what does it know?). What to do, what to do--I know, start another project to distract myself!

The ribbing on the left is the beginnings of a CIC vest in Lamb's Pride. This is my first chance to try this yarn; I'm loving it! It's so soft and springy; really fun to knit with. This vest was going to be the final test for my CIC vest pattern, which I have looked all over creation for. I know I wrote it up, printed it out, and made some corrections when I made the last vest. I know for a fact that it was on some computer somewhere at some time, otherwise, how could I have had a printout? But I've checked my home PC, my work PC, the compact flash cards I use in my camera (which also occasionally serve as portable storage); no luck. I have a sinking feeling that maybe it was stored on that USB key that I lost a couple of weeks ago. So now I'm faced with searching through all my pattern printouts with scribbled notes, to see if it's the one I need (a daunting prospect), or rewrite the whole thing by looking at the last vest I made. I'm leaning towards the latter; I really don't want to sort through piles of scribbles. Of course, I could take this opportunity to tidy up my notes, maybe sort and file them.

Yeah, right.


At 9:23 PM, Anonymous keri said...

Well you certainly were close, I can't say anything, I started one and ended up frogging the whole thing. Better luck next time =)


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