Saturday, January 13, 2007

More ice

We had another ice storm last night; fortunately, no power outages this time! Actually, it wasn't much of a storm. Coated trees and cars pretty well, but roads and sidewalks were clear by the time I got up this a.m. Temps are supposed to stay right around freezing for the next couple of days, with the possibility of more ice. I plan to stay holed up at home. Maybe do a little baking, break out some DVDs. I'm such a wimp; I hate to go out in ugly weather.

I did manage to overcome one of my earlier decision problems. I went rummaging through my stash boxes, and found a sufficient quantity of yarn that I liked for some CIC socks:

This is some Lion Fisherman's Wool that I dyed a while back; looks like we're going to get a spiral effect, doesn't it? Fisherman's Wool has become my go-to yarn for most of my CIC knitting; it's affordable, it's fun to dye, it's enjoyable to knit, and it makes wonderfully thick, warm socks. I'm really enjoying my purple socks that I made last month.

I'm kind of half way to a decision on what yarns to use next for the blankie. Sounds like I'm waffling, doesn't it? But I've set several aside that I think I'd like to use; next, I'll spread the blankie out and try placing the skeins where the next squares need to be, and see if I like the look. Wish me luck!


At 11:07 AM, Anonymous Donna said...

Hey, Carol, I'm glad you're staying warm. Knitting, baking, and DVD's sounds like a great day.


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