Saturday, March 20, 2010

Blog discovery

This week I discovered Less is Enough, and devoured (pun intended) her Dollar a Day project. I have to say I was impressed by what that woman could eat for just a dollar. There have been times in my life when money was exceedingly tight, and I'm rather proud that I managed to never go hungry. With some planning and creativity, I always had enough to eat. I discovered that I like spaghetti sauce better without meat in it, and beans and cornbread will fill me up faster than I ever imagined. While white flour is cheaper than whole wheat, whole grains will keep you full for a lot longer. And, if you can find a cheap hand mill and a source of cheap wheat berries (which I did), you can produce a lot of cheap, filling food. Buy, boy, this woman has me beat. I don't think I ever managed fresh fruit when things were really tight; maybe some discounted canned peaches on occasion, but that's it. My hat is off to you, Rebecca Currie.


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