Sunday, May 03, 2009

What a difference

Last weekend, it was beautifully warm and sunny, so I spent quite a bit of time in the garden. Moved compost around, cleared a few weeds, planted some of the tomato and pepper plants I bought on Earth Day, and just generally admired things.

Since then, the temps have dropped and it has rained almost daily. Not that I'm complaining about the temperature drop; the weather has been cool, not cold, which is just fine for spring. And while the rain has made it much too soggy to do anymore planting, it has been great for the garden that is planted.

Last weekend, I was very excited to see potato plants just starting to peek through the soil:

And now, look! A growth explosion!

I added a little soil/compost mix around the plants, but I'm going to need a lot more in order to have soil up to the level of the top of the frame like I want. Trying to figure out where to get it all from.

Last weekend, I counted 13 pea plants up:

I still have all 13, with respectable growth:

I know I planted more than 13 seeds, but I think maybe I didn't cover them up enough. Several of them were showing above the soil after a couple of days, which I think may have been rather tempting to birds. We'll see how much I can harvest from 13 plants.

Last weekend, I planted some of the tomatoes and peppers:

Celebrity tomatoes on the right, Early Girl on the left, with one red and one orange bell pepper. Jalapeno peppers in front, along with an Arkansas Traveler tomato (just because I thought it would be interesting to try). They look just the same this weekend, so I won't make you look at a second picture. They won't do much of anything until it gets a little warmer.

I'm just as pleased as punch with my garden; I've been sitting on the back steps admiring it, wishing I could get out there and play. But working soggy soil is not a good idea, so I will possess my soul in patience and wait for better conditions. At least for a while.



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