Saturday, November 29, 2008

Almost a disappointment

This year, the b/f decided he didn't really feel like cooking for Thanksgiving, and I must admit that the idea of cleaning up after wasn't thrilling me. So, the three of us (b/f, his father, and I) decided to go to Bevo Mill for our Thanksgiving feast. We have enjoyed the Bevo many times before: the German food and the Bavarian decor are great! We checked their menu; turkey, ham, roast beef, even turduken (which I was looking forward to trying); all the usual Thanksgiving trimmings, plus some German fare, like potato pancakes and red cabbage; and a dessert list to make your head swim. I made the reservations for 5:00, and started looking forward to Thanksgiving with red cabbage.

We arrived a little early, so we had to wait a short while for a table. No problem; gave us time to develop more appetite! Soon we were shown to a table, where we tossed our coats and headed for the buffet.

Where we found they were Out. Of. Turkey. They had the end of a ham left, and some fatty-looking roast beef. The turducken was long gone. Also no sweet potatoes, no potato pancakes. Our waiter told us they ran out of pumpkin pie around 1 in the afternoon. All pies were gone by 3. It took more than half an hour to get all this information, that essential food was gone and no more was coming.

What a disappointment! Not just in the lack of a Thanksgiving dinner, but in the management who left the panicked-looking wait staff to preside over a nearly-empty buffet table in the face of a lot of hungry diners. Or non-diners, as was the case for most. Including us.

We ditched that place, and went to Denny's. Gave up the idea of having a traditional dinner, and enjoyed their new Prime Rib Skillet (very tasty, I highly recommend). And you know what? It was OK. We spent some nice time together, and that's really what I want from holidays; quality time with family. After eating at Denny's, we went to the b/f's father's house for pie. He had, quite fortuitously, made a pumpkin pie that day, just because he had the makin's in the house. After we had the pie, I didn't even feel like I had been robbed of my Thanksgiving dinner. And we discovered that Peter likes pumpkin pie. (Don't worry, we only gave him the tiniest taste, to see if he would eat it. Sorry, didn't think to take my camera, so no pics).

So, Thanksgiving dinner was almost a disappointment. But it wasn't, because I was with people I love. And because there was pie.

Hilfy seems to approve of the M-D washcloth.



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