Saturday, November 22, 2008

Baby, it's cold outside

The temps have suddenly dropped around here. It's like we skipped fall, and went straight to winter. I am seriously unprepared for this cold! The weather was staying so nice; I was checking the weather forecast each day to see if I needed to wear a light, long-sleeved shirt to work, or would a short-sleeved polo be better?

Then, boom! Cold weather hits. Unfortunately, I spent the summer singing, like the grasshopper in the fable, instead of working to prepare for the winter, like the industrious ant. I have just this much of my Weekend Sweater completed:

It isn't that I don't want to work on my sweater, it's that I don't want to unravel the first attempt. I mean, that sounds seriously boring. It's much more fun to knit socks:

Another CIC pair (left), and working on a pair for me (now that I'm done grieving over my broken needles).

But I'm alternately scolding myself and promising same self that I'll start unraveling the sweater so I can knit it anew. Seriously, I want that sweater. I need that sweater. I'll get to work on that right away.

Right after I complete a couple more rounds on my sock.

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