Monday, September 01, 2008

Summer's over

Summer's over, and I'm feeling a little sad. Oh, we'll have summer weather for a while yet, and it's not like I have to go back to school or anything (actually, I always looked forward to starting a new school year). Maybe it's because we had a casual dress code at work and I got to wear jeans all summer, and tomorrow I have to go back to regular work clothes. Or maybe it's just that now it's September, I know that cold weather will be here before you know it, and I hate cold weather. Whatever the reason, I'm sad that Labor Day weekend is drawing to a close, and it feels like summer is over.

Well, I've spent the summer being a knitting fribble, knitting lots of little things, mostly little socks, with an occasional washcloth thrown in. But now I feel like I need to buckle down and get cracking on some things I'm going to need before the cold winds blow.

To clear the decks, so to speak, I finished up a pair of socks for A4A--the pair on the right, made with some hand dyed yarn I had lying about. I used this pattern, the garter rib variation, only I used 48 stitches instead of 32, to fit the needs of their current campaign for 7-14 year olds. The pair on the left I made a while back with some donated yarn and set aside until someone needed socks that size. Both pair are a little too small for me, so that should be a good size for some teenager. I'll pack them up tonight and send them off tomorrow.

Then, I picked up the socks I set aside way back when, tinked back two rounds (if I had realized I only needed to undo two rounds, I wound't have procrastinated so long), and got back to work. I finished the heel:

so now I only have one sock foot to do, and I have a new pair of socks. Woo hoo!

Next: I'll unravel this sweater and get back to work knitting it to actually fit me!

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