Saturday, August 02, 2008

Totally worth it

OK, now that the new television is installed, and the HD satellite is hooked up, I have to say that all the work we did to get ready was worth it. It does have a beautiful picture, and watching movies on it is awesome. I am glad, though, that the b/f handled all the preparations for the satellite installation (including sinking a mounting post sufficiently deep in the ground that the house will blow away before the satellite budges). And the b/f is on the phone, yet again, with the satellite people getting our service straightened out. Why is it that changing television service providers is always such a mess? This happens whenever we make a switch; we arrange for a certain service package, then when it is installed, it's nothing like what we ordered. So we have to spend hours straightening it out. Do they do this on purpose? Such uniformity of incompetence strikes me as unlikely.

Once this switchover is finally complete, I plan to plunk my behind on the couch and spend some quality time enjoying a few movies. Perhaps accompanied with a suitable adult beverage to help me forget all the hassles.


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