Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Why do I do this to myself?

I have been crazy busy lately, mostly at my day job, plus a little consulting work on the side. I have neglected my garden terribly, so it looks like I am growing little besides weeds. So, when they started talking at work about upgrading to a new version of Office, and needing to provide training for the employees, what do I do?

I volunteer.

Yup, I volunteered to teach the training classes. After all, I'm very knowledgeable about Office, and I've taught loads of classes before. Piece of cake, right?

Of course, when I stopped teaching for the community college, I threw out all my training materials. No need to have them cluttering up my clutter room any more. So I had to recreate everything, which added nicely to my workload. And I forgot how, as a teaching date draws near, my stomach becomes more and more tense with dread at getting up in front of everyone and pretending to be an expert. I've been reminded of that quite effectively the last few days. I've decided that "volunteer" should really be a four-letter word. And not a fun one, either.

If it weren't for little woolen socks, I'd be a basket case. I finished the last pair I showed off in progress:

And another pair:

And started yet another:

These things have been my lifeline; I pick up my needles and that knot in my stomach starts to ease. At least someone will benefit from my foolishness. And next time I'll bite my tongue before blithely volunteering.

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