Sunday, May 18, 2008

It had to happen

I knew that if I just held on long enough, the cold and rain would end and I wouldn't dread going outside. I just had to be patient and avoid succumbing to lethal mildew. Well, it finally happened. The clouds cleared, the rain ended, and that fiery ball we like to call the Sun came out to play. We've had three days now without any rain to speak of. It has been just lovely.

In spite of having excessive amounts of work to do this weekend, I finally got to play in the dirt today. The b/f is entirely responsible for this, BTW, because not only did he mow the lawn yesterday without any assistance from me, today he took care of the housecleaning chores. This enabled me complete the "work" work I had to do, as well as the eBay work I needed to do, and still have time to head out to the garden. About time, too; my plants were seriously straining the confines of their little plastic pots.

First I planted the peppers; there are four jalapenos in front, and four bell peppers in back (two yellow, two red).

Then I planted the tomatoes; Early Girl on the left, and Celebrity on the right.

Still to come are the cantaloupe and corn. I won't be photographing those beds today, however, because I have some really serious weeding to do first. The kind that requires a shovel. I'm going to be really popular with the vermin when I'm done, though; most of it is catnip.



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