Monday, April 07, 2008

Neglected my chores

I had planned for Sunday to be my day for baking, cleaning house, and laundry. The baking part helps to make up for the other two. But after eating the lovely waffles the b/f made for breakfast, we decided to go look at some new houses being built in St. Charles county. The fact that we heard gunfire Saturday night just kind of underscored the knowledge that our neighborhood definitely isn't improving, and we are going to have to move eventually.

So we looked at some lovely (expensive!) houses in a very nice neighborhood, and talked to some friendly residents. And we totally blew off cleaning the house. Hope nobody drops by unexpectedly.

However, some things are too important to let go, and right now, baking is one of those things. The weather is actually beginning to warm up a little, albeit quite begrudgingly. Since I don't turn on the oven if the A/C is on, I want to enjoy baking as much as I can while I can. So, tonight I rushed home from work, and whipped up a sourdough spice cake that made the house smell heavenly.

Housework be hanged. I've got my priorities in order.


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