Sunday, April 27, 2008

Holiday delayed

One of the downsides of starting a new job is no vacation days. Last Tuesday, for the first time in ten years, I had to work on Earth Day. It was a lovely day, too; a little bit of rain in the morning, but then sunny and warm. *sigh* We did have cake at work, though, and you could wear jeans if you brought in some clothes to recycle (given to a charity), or donated some gardening gear to another charity, or wore something organic. I thought about rubbing some of my garden's soil into my skin and telling everyone I was doing the organic thing, but I opted for clearing some clothes out of my closet instead. Don't want to seem too odd too soon.

Yesterday was a nice day, though, sunny if a bit cool, so I had my Earth Day celebration a little late. My Tonka truck made its ceremonial delivery of compost, this year in the asparagus bed:

Followed by a good thick layer of compost, delivered by shovel. Then I spread three wheelbarrow loads of compost around in the other beds. What was left from one compost bin was layered with the contents of the other, each layer watered just right. I now have one bin filled to the very top, cooking away, and one bin standing empty and ready for duty. All that digging and stirring and layering of compost was quite a bit of work, although I was enjoying myself too much to notice. Once I quit for the day, though, my muscles let me know that I exerted myself a bit more than usual. And this morning...oh, boy, was I sore! But it was worth it; I had a wonderful holiday observance.

Happy belated Earth Day!



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