Sunday, July 27, 2008

Miniature Harvest

Today I harvested one tomato and two bell peppers from my garden; such bounty! I just had to take a picture:

OK, they're tiny; but my b/f tells me the 'mater was quite tasty! And I do have a more-respectable sized tomato on the vine; should be ready to harvest in a couple of days.

I promise that one's bigger than the little-bitty one shown above.

I'm afraid I never got to plant corn or cantaloupe like I wanted. A cold, wet spring, then too much work to do at work, and suddenly it was too late in the season to plant. At least I've been able to get good produce at the farmer's market.

One benefit of the wet spring, we are having a positive explosion in the toad population around here. It seems I can't walk across the lawn, or work in the garden, without disturbing two or three cute little toads. Unless I have a camera in my hand, that is. Apparently, they are quite camera-shy, since my efforts to snap a pic have been for nought. But take my word for it, they're little, and cute, and I keep encouraging them to hop toward my garden. No better way to control pests than a few friendly toads!

And if my produce is going to be practically doll-sized, I can't afford to be sharing it with bugs.



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