Friday, August 05, 2005

That's better

One slipper done (for the second time). This time the cuff snugs nicely around the ankle.

Now I just need to dye the yarn for the second one.

I'm also working on a dishcloth baby blanket using a skein of Cottontots yarn that I picked up on eBay a while back.

Gosh, this yarn is soft. I keep pausing to pet it. Once the blankie is complete, it will go off to Angels 4 Preemies.

I mainly knit while watching TV. I generally don't watch much TV, but lately I find myself looking for something to watch so I can knit. That gave me another thought. I used to walk 4-5 miles a week as part of my exercise routine. That was easy when I worked downtown and there were lots of places go. But now I work in a residential area and there's no place to walk to, which makes the walk so very boring for me. Which, of course, means I do it less & less. Now, if I got a fanny pack to hold a ball of yarn, maybe I could walk & knit? Then, I might be eager to go for a walk so I could knit; and I might want to walk longer since I could knit longer. Something easy like that blankie that I wouldn't have to look at the whole time. Hey, it's worth a shot. I will, of course, report my results.


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