Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I refuse to believe this

In early October, I was setting up a server for a client (I'm a computer consultant in real life). After working with it for a few hours (*install program, reboot, repeat from * until you run out of programs), it refused to complete the boot process. It would get to a certain point and just stop.

I worked with tech support for weeks (weeks, mind you). Reinstalled the operating system, installed other software in a certain order, same problem. Replaced every part but the *&#%! case, same problem. Finally, the mfr sent me a new server.

Replacement server arrives w/o operating system disks. Mfr can't just send the OS CDs, they have to send another server. (Yes, really.)

Third server arrives. I unboxed it yesterday, completed the automated install process, AND NOTHING ELSE. I did absolutely, positively nothing to the server; it only has the software on it that the mfr sent, installed as the mfr installed it. I left the server on overnight; today it was locked up. I powered it down, then turned it back on. It won't finish booting. It just gets to a certain point and stops. Forever.

If I take the server out to the field behind my house, and blast it full of holes, d'ya suppose that will void the warranty?


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