Friday, November 18, 2005


Finished the first skein of yarn, and the scarf measures just over 20". So, the finished scarf should be about 40", which is a respectable length. Good thing, since I lost my notes on how I dyed this yarn; 2 skeins is all I have!

And no, I haven't walked 20 miles since I started the scarf. Most of the knitting has been done in the comfort of my living room. But I have walked some on the treadmill, now that it is too *%#&@! cold to walk outside. Having something to knit while on the treadmill is a real godsend, since it is infinitely more boring than walking outside.

I'm dying to start on a new pair of socks for me, and a wool vest, but I really need to get cracking on the shawl for my SIL. Course, that's not a portable project, so once the scarf is done, I think it would be OK to start another pair of socks, don't you?


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