Monday, October 17, 2005


Now that it is October (even tho' the temps are in the 80's), it feels like the holidays will actually arrive, so I have been motivated to work on my SIL's prayer shawl:

Feel free to ignore the lens cap I left at the base of the mannequin.

I'm well into the third skein, and the shawl is about halfway done, so I figure 5 skeins ought to do it. I was playing around with the fringe a little; I think I will combine dyed and natural yarns. Looks like it will make a nice accent.

Here is my current walking project:

It is a brioche stitch scarf made of hand-dyed yarn. I like the affects you get with brioche stitch and variegated yarns. I'm almost done with one skein, and the scarf is only 14 inches long. I only dyed two skeins; looks like I need to do at least one more.

I have abandoned the fanny pack in favor of the small canvas tote you see in the pic; it hangs from my wrist in a most convenient fashion. And I'm actually looking forward to my walks, since they give me more knitting time!

I'm about to cast on for a vest for CIC; I'll have to knit fast in order to get it out in time to be included in the vest challenge (300 vests by 10/31). I plan to use a pattern of my own devising; will share when it is complete.


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