Thursday, September 08, 2005

Meet the Vermin - Part 2

Vermin #2 is the b/f's cat, Daisy Duke; aka Princess Daisy. Daisy is approximately the same age as Yitzhak, but she was 3 years old when the b/f adopted her.

Daisy & Yitzie DID NOT get along at first. At one time, they had the house divided into territories. Unfortunately, Daisy's territory included access to the litter boxes. This was not good. We had to move one of the litter boxes into the laundry room (part of Yitzie's territory) until they learned to get along. Now they are good friends. Kind of reminds me of when my brother & I were growing up. :)

Daisy is the most affectionate cat I have ever met. She wants to love and mother everyone and everything around her. Once, the b/f found a field mouse in the back yard and showed it to the cats. Daisy began cleaning it like it was a kitten (Yitzhak watched from a safe distance).

Daisy is not a very playful cat, but she is fascinated by the Little Red Bug (known to you and me as the dot produced by a laser pointer). She will chase it with untiring enthusiasm for as long as we will operate it for her. I can hold down the pointer button until my finger's joints are screaming for relief, and Daisy is still going strong!


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