Saturday, September 03, 2005

Dirty work

Well, at least my website is back up. Am working on getting things more stable. *sigh*

Worked in my garden yesterday. Well, actually, I played in the dirt, which the b/f contends is my real reason for having a garden in the first place. I was moving compost around; nearly done, could-use-it-in-a-pinch compost was moved to the holding bin, where wormies go wild and turn it into beautiful black gold (the earthy kind, not the oily kind). Started moving the contents of the "building" bin into the "working" bin, but I had to quit for dinner. Boy, I had to do some scrubbing before I was clean enough to eat!

Dirt under the fingernails & compost in my hair. Yes, it was a good day. :)


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