Thursday, August 11, 2005

Holey Orphan Sock, Batman!

Well, I finished the first CIC sock:

There were some major holes where the heel met the instep; I closed them with a couple of darned stitches on each side. I'm going to see if there is anything I can do on the second one to prevent this. I like this way of doing the heel, but big gaping holes are a deal-breaker.

Just found out that the Sockknitter's Forum is having a CIC Sock Challenge--300 pairs by Aug. 31. So, these socks will go towards that goal.

I am also using my serendipitous self-patterning spiral yarn to make a warm hat for CIC. I decided I liked the effect in a hat better than slippers. Little kids should get a kick from the bright colors. Pattern & pics to come.

I am finally dyeing the yarn for the mate to my cable cuff slipper; it is in the Crock-Pot as we speak. Hooray--I'll get to work on that soon!

I am having visions of more yarn that I want to dye. *Sigh* Won't be able to do anything along those lines until the weekend, at least, since I didn't win the lottery last night. Now I have to go do some work that someone is willing to actually pay me for.


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