Thursday, August 18, 2005

Better - still not good

OK, I knit the second orphan sock. This time I used 5 dpns instead of 4, to reduce strain at the corners when knitting the heel. I also made sure I picked up all the wrapped stitches on the heel, and snugged the yarn up tight at the corners when I resumed knitting in the round. The holes aren't so very huge, but they're still there. Upon close inspection, I realized that this pattern has a heel row that isn't connected to the instep. There is one complete heel row worked without engaging the rest of the stitches of the sock; of course there is a hole! So, I won't be using this pattern any more. I am now officially on a quest--I like the short row heel (no picking up stitches on the heel flap!), but I don't like holey sock heels. I will find a way!


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