Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Meet the Vermin - Part 1

We share our home with three cats--a.k.a. The Vermin.

Vermin #1 is Yitzhak Vincenzo. Let that be a lesson to you; never name a cat by committee. Born in November 1996, Yitzhak is almost 9 years old.

Yitzie is a vegetarian by choice. She will eat one flavor of one brand of dry cat food, which does contain meat--they must have disguised it well, and I'm not telling her what's in it. Otherwise, she recoils from canned cat food, albacore tuna, Thanksgiving turkey, etc. However, she comes running when the b/f calls "Lettuce!" and it is impossible to eat an apple, pear, or peach in peace. She will climb on my lap and use her paw to bring my fruit-laden hand to her mouth. Since her teeth were designed to rend flesh, not eat fruit, she scrapes off small amounts at a time with her tongue. I usually cut off a slice for her and hold it in one hand, while eating the rest with the other hand.

Yitzhak is healthy, robust, with a full complement of claws--and afraid of every wild beastie that strolls through our backyard. Like the baby bunny that practically ran across her toes; Yitzhak streaked to the door and demanded to be allowed back in the house. Her knitted catnip mousie is the closest thing to prey that she will pounce on.

Located at the very bottom of the feline pecking order, Yitzhak is definitely a lover, not a fighter.


At 6:54 AM, Blogger Barbara said...

A vegetarian cat. That's hilarious!


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