Thursday, September 15, 2005

Only slightly out of control

OK, I have gotten a little crazy with WIPs. I just have so many ideas, and I want to work on them all at once! Currently OTN:

Dishcloth Baby Blanket. This is progressing rather slowly, since it is a rather boring knit. I tend to work on it when I reach a point on a more interesting project that requires close attention, and I can't pay close attention yet. Nice yarn, tho' (Bernat's Cottontots); when it is eventually finished, it will go off to Angels 4 Preemies.

Baby Cable Socks, made of Briggs & Little Durasport in Blue Jean (I always want to call them Briggs & Stratton). Progressing nicely, but I find I have to pay a little more attention to them than I want to when watching TV, to keep track of when it is time to twist those cables again. I have ordered a Pattern Row Counter from Knit Picks, which I hope will help me work more and think less. I love this yarn & wanna wear these socks!

Checked Socks for CIC; all I have to do is seam one toe & they're done. That toe has been waiting for two weeks now.

Autumn Socks for CIC. I decided to try a garter stitch short row heel; looks cool, and no purling! However, each side has a big hole; no good! I'm going to rip out the heel & redo it.

Secret Socks; just cast on Sunday. One leg done. The pattern's a secret because, if they turn out well, I want it to be a surprise! (Not a surprise that my design turned out well, I hope).

Prayer Shawl for my SIL (shhhhhhh--it's a surprise). I think I have kind of a tortoise & hare thing going here. When I first started it, I was amazed at the speed of my progress. So I now have no feeling of urgency, kind of like the infamous hare. So it languishes while I work on other projects.

Catch The Wave Poncho (working title); yarn is dyed (OK, one skein is dyed), expect to cast on tomorrow. Please excuse the blurry pic; my hands must be trembling in anticipation.

I don't usually have this many projects going at a time, and I feel a little schizophrenic with so many projects all clamoring for my attention (do you hear those voices too?). However, I am going on vacation starting Saturday (woohoo!), and I expect to have significant knitting time, both in the air & on the road. G-d help me, surely I'll manage to finish something. (Stop calling me Shirley.)


At 8:15 AM, Blogger GaiaGal said...

Hi Carol!

I snuck over from because the lable with that link was on the box of yarn i came home to yesterday!! WooHoo!! I'm so excited, thanks tons!! Now i'm trying to figure out what to make with 100 yards of teal and i'm thinking some kind of a hat for the "Mitten Tree" at church.

I'm a knitting blog junkie so i'll bookmark you and be back!! ;)

a.k.a. HockeySUZ2


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