Monday, September 12, 2005

Honorary Vermin

No, we do not have four cats; three is plenty, thank you.

This is Niles Christopher, the b/f's father's cat. Since Niles lives nearby, and we see him often, I consider him an honorary member of The Vermin.

The vet estimates Niles' age at 10 years, although that is a guess. When the b/f was "shopping" for a cat (and brought home Princess Daisy), I mentioned that the Humane Society will allow seniors to adopt an adult cat for free. The b/f passed that info along to his (sadly) catless parents, and Niles soon had a home. The b/f's mother passed away a couple of years ago, so now that home has become a bachelor's pad.

Niles is a good companion to his "papa", following him around the house and examining everything said papa does. I guess that makes him plant supervisor. A search for a cat-size toolbelt has, unfortunately, been fruitless. I'm told that Niles stubbornly refuses to do his chores, though, which consist of dusting the baseboards. This is why Niles never has any pocket money. Just as well, I guess, since Niles has no pockets.


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