Saturday, March 24, 2012

Taking the plunge

For years I have wanted to keep chickens. I've read, and dreamed, and planned. I chose a breed (Barred Plymouth Rock--good egg layers), discovered chickens are legal in my area, and learned about chicken tractors. I made some changes in my morning routine to give me time to attend to them, and I've finally done it. I asked for a coop for my birthday, and my b/f and his father gifted me this:

 And here are the future inhabitants:

Two Plymouth Rock chicks, and one Light Brahma. The LB was chosen when the b/f discovered that the PRs wouldn't be the little yellow puffballs that he imagined. I'm enjoying them so much; everything they do is adorable. The b/f keeps shaking his head and moaning, "What have I done?"