Sunday, February 18, 2007

We have a visitor

A few days ago, the b/f saw a little rabbit under our back porch. After the snow last week, we saw his tracks between the house and the wood pile; apparently, he made several trips back and forth. We've been worried about his ability to find anything to eat or drink, so Friday I put a dish of water and some bunny kibble near his hangout under the porch. However, we got more snow Friday, and I didn't see any tracks in the snow either Friday or Saturday. But this morning, hooray! Bunny tracks between the house & the woodpile. Can you see 'em in the pic above? It looks like he has made the trip twice, and during at least one of those trips, his water was still in liquid form. I'm pretty sure some of the kibble is missing, too. I'm so relieved that our little visitor isn't starving in this weather.

Speaking of weather, about all I want to do is stay inside and knit, so my vest is progressing apace. If I had been able to take a pic yesterday, you would only have seen two or three inches of the right front. Now I'm up to the armhole! I'm thinking I should be able to finish sometime this week. That reminds me, I still need to buy buttons. Maybe I can do a little shopping on my lunch hour in the next day or two.


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