Sunday, December 11, 2005

This is fun

I've been playing with my new spindle. Here's my first skein (all of 50 yards):

Here's my second skein (60 yards):

The second skein is from some roving I dyed with Koolaid (natch). I purposely dyed it unevenly to see how it would look. I rather like the effect.

Next up:

More Koolaid-dyed roving. I'm going to dye some more before I get started. I'd like to spin enough to knit a pair of socks (if I can bear to walk on my handspun, that is). Maybe I'll opt for mittens instead; looks like this winter is going to be cold enough for 'em. Considering my penchant for losing gloves, tho', I'll probably put 'em on a string, since I'd probably have to undergo grief counseling if I lost one.

Maybe I'll just frame the skeins and hang them on my wall as art.


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