Sunday, February 12, 2006


My little felted spoolie bear has disappeared. He made one trip through the washer, and was still a little long in the body. So I tossed him in again to see if he would shorten up any. And now he's missing! I shook out each piece of laundry, looked in the legs of each pair of pants, and double-checked the washing machine. No little spoolie bear! Where could he be? I fear he is wherever missing socks go.

Olympic report: The needles arrived in time. Props to the good folks at oregon*trail*yarn for shipping promptly, and making Priority Mail available. I must say I like the Bryspun needles; very smooth and pleasant to use. And the cables relaxed and straightened out without a lot of trouble.

Here's a pic of where I was on Saturday afternoon. Watched quite a bit of TV Saturday night, so I got a good bit more done. Tonight will be an hour or two of SG-1, so that's an hour or two more of knitting. Olympic greatness, here I come!


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