Sunday, January 29, 2006


I'm still avoiding Sock #2, so I have been working on a vest for CIC. Basically, I'm making Countrywool's What's In My Pocket vest, but I'm going to make it with a square neck rather than a boatneck. I could never stand having a sweater up against my neck, so I can't bring myself to knit something that reminds me of that strangling feeling.

The yarn is Briggs & Little 2 ply, generously given to me by another member of the CIC-knit group. The pink yarn was white when it arrived, so I dyed it with Koolaid (natch). I think I'll have enough yarn left for another vest when I'm done with this one. I'm thinking of adapting a vest pattern I found in an old WWII "knit for the troops" book. If I like it, I may further adapt it for my Olympic knitting entry.

Speaking of my Olympic knitting, is the mail here yet?


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