Saturday, October 13, 2007

First time

After several tries, I finally did the toe on my first toe-up sock. I'm using this pattern except with just 32 stitches. The first time went quite well, really, except once I unzipped the provisional cast on and got all my stitches on needles, I realized I had cast on for a 36-stitch sock. Rip, rip, rip. Do over. Second time was the right number of stitches, but somehow I managed to drop a stitch and didn't notice it for a few rows. It didn't unravel, but I had closed up the gap by knitting past it, so I couldn't just pick it up. Rip, rip, rip. Third time was the proverbial charm; it's going swimmingly now.

By the way, I don't think the recipient will have trouble keeping his socks up; as you can see, this yarn stands up on its own. I don't know what kind of yarn this is, since it was donated by another knitter, but it would best be described as "sturdy". Actually, it is quite reminiscent of Briggs & Little yarn (maybe that's what it is), which softens up quite a bit when washed. Oh, and to prevent my usual "do I have enough yarn" panic, I weighed the yarn before starting: 68 g. Before starting the heel, I'll weigh the remaining yarn again. I figure at that point, I'll be approximately one-quarter done with the pair. As long as I haven't used more than one-quarter of 68 g, I should have enough to finish. Should. (Knocking on wood, throwing salt over shoulder; know of anything else that will help appease the knitting goddesses?)

Speaking of ripping socks, ILG Sock #2 is having a time out. After noting my modifications to Sock #1 so conscientously here on my blog, I neglected to note those mods on my printed instructions. Oops. Now I'm working up the courage to rip back several rows. Really not that big a deal, its less than a dozen rows, but I'm not quite ready yet. I'll think about it tomorrow; tomorrow's another day.

Yitzhak seems to have developed a penchant for sitting on my knitting instructions. So helpful.

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