Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Summer Vacation, Part 2

So, Tuesday afternoon we arrived in Newport Beach. We checked into our hotel, changed into our bathing suits, and I slathered sunscreen all over my pale skin. (I wish I could just dunk myself in a vat of the stuff, like a sheep dip. It would be much faster.) We grabbed our bodyboards and headed for the beach.

Newport Beach isn't great for surfing, but I love it anyway. It has numerous surf shops, souvenier shops, restaurants, et al, just yards from the beach. Some turn up their noses and describe it as "too touristy", but I like the more vibrant, alive feeling provided by the commerce and associated foot traffic. And, although the waves aren't great, I still got in some good rides on my bodyboard. The beach was unusually crowded, I think from a combination of people seeking relief from the heat wave, and the fact that school started the next day for many. I was in heaven; the b/f said I was grinning from ear to ear, and looked like a little kid. I don't doubt it; I'm happiest in the water, especially if that water is off the Southern California coast!

After a couple of hours surfing, we went back to the hotel, washed off the salt, and headed back to the beach for dinner. We tried a new (to us) place: Newport Beach Brewing Company. We loved it--if you find yourself in the area, I highly recommend it! The b/f had a Newport Beach Blonde (good thing I'm not the jealous type), while I had a margarita. I wish I liked beer; there are so many interesting kinds to try, and you can make it yourself as well. Whenever the b/f orders a beer, I try a little in hopes of learning to like the stuff. So far, not much luck.

Oh, we had some food, too.

On Wednesday, we drove to San Diego to visit the Maritime Museum. We saw the ship that played the HMS Surprise in Master and Commander; here I am at the wheel:

and the Berkely, a steam ferry boat; here I am at the engine order telegraph:

and a Russian sub; here I am checking some gauges:

When I saw this on the sub, I could hear Rock Hudson declaring, "The one thing you cannot have on a submarine is a torpedo tube with both ends open to the sea at the same time!"*

We also got to visit the USS Midway; I wish we could have had more time on her, but I was really worn out by the time they ran us out at 5:00.

We then drove to Coronado Island, across a really cool bridge. We went looking for a restaurant the b/f remembers visiting over twenty years ago. Not surprisingly, we didn't find it, so we went to McP's Pub instead. We sat at one of their outside tables so we could enjoy the wonderful weather. The food was good, the location lovely; another place I can recommend without hesitation.

Driving back, I tried taking pictures of the freeway at night. The b/f was really glad when I figured out how to turn off the flash.

I love digital photography.

Next up: Summer Vacation Part 3, with knitting report

*Ice Station Zebra, a great flick


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