Saturday, August 25, 2007

ILG - Ready to start the heel

Well, I'm ready to start the heel on my first I Love Gansey sock. I'm so excited! I decided to go with a basic heel-stitch heel, rather than carrying the pattern down the heel. I'm not so sure that I would like cables on my heels. I should make faster progress now, since the complicated cable is done. The moss stitch hearts (or, in my case, diamonds) and the 2 stitch cables continue down the instep, but the intricate cables stop here.

A week from today, we leave on vacation. At that time, I should be done or near done with this sock. I expect to have a lot of car-knitting time, but doing the cables on sock #2 would not be a good project for the car! Not sure yet what I'm going to take along. Other than the ILG socks, my current WIPs are pretty mindless knitting. Maybe a little too mindless for super-long stretches in the car. Maybe I should start something new, especially for the trip! Then, I could take along my ILG sock (for those times when I can work on it), and my special trip project, and one of my mindless knitting projects (should never be too far from one of them). My b/f would definitely go insane if I packed that much knitting.

Wish I could take this along:

I always miss the cats when we go on a trip. We're going to be gone longer than usual--9 whole days--hope they don't totally trash the house while we're gone.

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