Saturday, August 11, 2007

Lotsa goodies

I received lots of nice stuff in the mail today--some knitting-related, some not.

After considering it for months, I finally broke down and bought a new camera:

A Nikon D40; I was strongly influenced by this review. Old camera (a Nikon Coolpix 800) still works fine, but one of the big selling points for me on the D40 is no shutter lag. I have almost no pictures of Yitzhak because she won't hold still; I get a nice shot all framed, press the shutter, and she walks off before the camera takes the pic. I can hardly wait for the battery to charge so I can start snapping away!

I also received my KnitPicks order:

The long-awaited CotLin (Nightfall and Linen), some Essential sock yarn (Black Tweed and Carbon Twist), plus three books: Top Down Sweaters, Simple Socks Plain and Fancy, and The Magic Loop. Some fun reading in store!

Before I try a sweater from the top down, though, I want to finish my Weekend Sweater from the bottom up. It's going slowly:

Once I got a few inches done, I found that my right arm started hurting after a few minutes of knitting. I'm experimenting with different ways of holding the needles, hoping to find a position that doesn't cause pain. Otherwise, I can only do a round or two a day; that's slow even for me!

I've been working on my GBF socks, too. Finished the gusset yesterday. I have to work tomorrow, so I'll save that pic for then.

Whaddaya think, Yitzhak; is this camera faster than you?

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