Saturday, July 28, 2007

Inching along

I actually have something to do at work today! Fortunately it requires lots of waiting, so it isn't reducing my knitting time much. Which is good, since I am inching along on GBF sock #2. I got in a couple of hours of quality knitting time (on the clock, no less) while I watched a technician try to fix the Internet connection at one of our stores. He worked a lot harder than I did, but I got more accomplished. I finished the ribbing on my sock; he replaced everything but the satellite dish. Still no Internet. Monday he returns with a replacement dish. I'll return with my sock.

Earlier this week, I found my Sz 3 circular needle, and was able to swatch for my Weekend Sweater. Recommended gauge for Telemark is 6 stitches/inch. With a Sz 3 needle, I got 11.5 stitches per two inches. Fortunately for me, this is an EZ pattern! I like the way the swatch looks at 11.5 stitches, so I'm set. Just plug my gauge into EPS, and I'm good to go. I love you, EZ. Tonight, while the b/f & I have a NetFlix evening, I'll be casting on 188 stitches to start my sweater. :)

This morning, as usual, Hilfy cried at the back door. As usual, I opened the door. Not as usual, she actually went outside and explored a little.

Ferocious beastie.

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