Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hardly Working

Yesterday was a very busy day, which is why Caturday was postponed until today. First I had to pack up and ship a router than I sold on eBay, then I had to finish up some web site work for a client, then I had to get my auctions listed for club99 on eBay (if you want to go take a peek at them, go ahead; I won't mind. There's some knitting-related ones). Whew! I would have liked to have some time to work in the garden, but no luck.

This morning, I was up bright and early to get ready for my "day job" (as opposed to the consulting work I do on the side--see web site work mentioned above). It was a lovely cool morning, and when I opened the back door, all three cats went outside. First Daisy:

Who trotted down the back steps and started nibbling on the grass. She was slowly, cautiously follwed by Yitzhak and Hilfy:
Who pretty much stayed on the top step, wishing someone would let them back into the nice safe house. The bunnies who occasionally show up in the back yard are safe from this trio; their biggest worry seems to be overgrazing by Daisy.

Today, I'm working on my GBF sock at work. Doesn't seem to have grown much, does it?

I have about an inch to go before I start decreasing for the toe. I have been working on my other two projects, as well, but I think I'm just a slow knitter. It's a good thing I don't have a family relying on my production to keep them warm! If I did, we'd probably all be patched and darned from head to toe. :)

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