Friday, June 15, 2007

From li'l sprouts, mighty cornstalks grow

Yesterday I planted 22 corn sprouts; can you see 'em? They're hard to make out in that expanse of dirt. But if you look close, you should see a little blade of green in the middle of each of those depressions. Since I grow corn in small, closely planted blocks, I sprout the seeds first, then plant them in the garden. That way, I don't have any gaps where a seed failed to germinate. I also plant the sprouts a little deeper than I would seeds; this gets me corn stalks with deeper roots that better withstand the inevitable soaking rain followed by high winds we will get sometime during the summer. It's no fun trying to prop up full-grown corn stalks in a garden bed that is pure mud.

Today, of course, it's my turn to twiddle my thumbs at work. I've started the toe on Work Sock #2; I'm so excited! Unless something comes up and I have to do some actual work, I'll have a new pair of socks today! Woohoo! I also brought along Mittnz #3, so maybe I'll get to finish that today as well.

Hilfy was crying at the door this morning, and I thought maybe she wanted to repeat her bold excursion to "outside". This is as far as she got.

Apparently, just looking at "outside" is excitement enough for her today.

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