Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Not 1...not 2...

But no less than three FOs to show off! First and foremost:

My Lopi vest has all its ribbings complete and ends woven. Then it had a nice bath and a bit of a rest. I'm very pleased with the way it turned out; fits nice, and the color is beautiful. Pics just don't do it justice. While I expect to use Lopi yarn again, I don't see myself choosing a Lopi pattern. They use charts that are rather difficult to read (some nice dark lines every 10 rows or so would make things a heckuva lot easier). I'm not entirely sure I did everything right, but fortunately knitting is rather forgiving.

My other two FOs are a couple of hats that have been hanging around for a while. On the left is a baby hat made with some Lamb's Pride worsted that another knitter gave me. The color is steel blue, not black or grey, which is how it looks on my monitor. No real pattern, just cast on a bunch of stitches (around 70, I think), and knit around until you have a hat. I've been doing a few rounds here and there when I needed some mindless knitting and other projects were at a "pay attention" stage. It will be going to the Cheyenne River Foundation.

The other hat has been sitting around for months and months, waiting for the last two inches of seam to be finished. It's this pattern (which I highly recommend); I used some hand-dyed Lite-Lopi (takes color beautifully), and bound off after 6 sections since I was almost out of yarn. I had enough yarn to do all but the last two inches of the seam, so I started looking for the other skein just like it. Of course, it wasn't where it should be. I can't tell you how many times I searched for that skein over the last few months. Then I would think about finding some other yarn to finish up the seam with, but gosh-darn-it, I knew I had more of the exact same yarn! I just couldn't bring myself to settle for "pretty close". Anyway, I found it over the weekend, hiding out in a box that I didn't even realize contained yarn (oops! gotta label better). So now it's finally done, and will make its way to Cheyenne River also.

Next up, gotta finish some mittens!

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