Saturday, May 05, 2007

Blue Skies and Caturday

The rain finally stopped yesterday, and by this afternoon the clouds were gone, all but a few picturesque wisps. What a difference a day makes. The air feels positively wet, but at least the sun is shining. I was seriously missing the sun.

Today I seamed up the BSJ and gave it a wash. It is currently blocking in the spare bedroom (aka The Yarn Room). Now I just need to pick out some buttons. Hope to have an FO to show off soon.

Yesterday I cast on for my Lopi vest. I'm finding that it takes longer to knit a round on 164 stitches than it does on the 32-56 I'm used to with socks. This probably isn't as much of a surprise to most of you as it was to me. It's probably a good thing that it will be a while before I need warm woolies.

The white thread you see is the lifeline I put in above the ribbing. I totally don't trust the fact that I got gauge with the recommended needle size. That NEVER happens for me; I ALWAYS have to go down a size or two. This way, I figure when the immense lies told me by my gauge swatches are revealed, I can just rip down to my lifeline instead of starting the whole thing over. Since the ribbing is done on needles 3 sizes smaller than that used on the body, and since there is no way I am knitting the ribbing any tighter than it already is, I can at least save those measly 5 rounds.

Last but not least, I have decided that this day of the week will now be known as Caturday (idea gratefully stolen from, a day for sharing pics of the vermin that infest our home. This is Hilfy, the youngest of the trio.

She is going to hate me for this.



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